About Us

微信图片_20190924143132Chakara Sushi & Bar  was created to bring Rochester, NY a new Asian gastronomic experience. We are a neighborhood restaurant serving globally influenced Pan-Asian food in a relaxed and casual environment.  We strive to bring you a genuine Pan-Asian experience with our eclectic and creative approach to food, using ingredients from all over Asia, including Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and Indian.  Each dish is distinctive and handcrafted by our master chefs using only the freshest and finest ingredients. We pride ourselves on our homemade recipes, creative menu, and authentic flavorings. The most important element to our restaurant is the passion we have to create outstanding food and memorable experiences. We look forward to serving you.
What makes Chakara unique
Our cooking style is a mix of ancient Asian techniques with modern cooking methods.
Our noodles are made in house by a rare noodle press that was directly imported from Taiwan for authenticity
We don’t use MSG, food coloring, or canned vegetables in any of our dishes. We only use pure, fresh, and wholesome ingredients for great flavor and a healthful dining experience.
We embrace the philosophy of using ingredients from all types of cuisines to create an inventive menu. Each dish has its own unique flavor; every dish is not a derivative of one or two sauces.